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29 avril 0 Commentaire Catégorie: Movies

Hello guys! I am back! Sorry I did not post nothing since something like one month but before the holidays, I went to Madrid with the school, and then to Granada to see my sister wich do Erasmus there. Well, thursday, I goes to see the amazing movie called Avengers age of ultron. What can […]


22 mars 0 Commentaire Catégorie: Books, Movies

  Helloo everyone! I know I’m writting a sunday, what is happening?   Well, I know that the next wednesday I will not have the time to write so I do it now. I will talk about an amazing thing (For me) In fact, the wednesday past (As many wednesday in this article!) I goes […]


11 mars 0 Commentaire Catégorie: Movies

  Hello everyone! Today, I want to talk about an wonderfull movie. This movie is called WIPLASH, this movie talk about a student musician. He is substitude  in the best orchestra of the United State Of America. The orchestra play « Wiplash » and finally, he gets to play in the orchestra. This is an incredible movie. […]


4 février 0 Commentaire Catégorie: Movies

  Hi again everyone! Yes, It’s been two weeks my last post! So, today, I want to talk to you about a movie I discover during the holidays. It’s called The spectacular now » and this is just an AMAZING movie. I am sure taht you know the two main characters. One of them is Miles […]


3 décembre 0 Commentaire Catégorie: Movies

    Hello everybody, today, I will talk about the movie of my childhood. Bridge to terabithia. I don’t think many people know it, but I’m sure you know the actors. The main character is Jess, played by Josh Hutcherson, the famous « Peeta » in Hunger games. Then, her acolyte Leslie is played by AnnaSophia Robb, […]


5 novembre 2 Commentaires Catégorie: Movies

  Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to talk about a movie I really like. A saw it many times and I still love it. As you have seen, this movie is « Avengers » here, we have an alliance of various heros. There are Captain America (My favorite), Iron man, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor and Black widow. There […]


1 octobre Un Commentaire Catégorie: Movies

  Hi everyone! Today, I will talk to you about an animation cartoon I “discovered” this summer during my summer camp travel in London. It’s a Walt Disney creation. I think you know it, if you don’t, WATCH IT! It’s called frozen in English. But I watched it in French with a friend. The story […]

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