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Hi guys! Today’s post will be  my last! So, I wwill talk to you about a document we have been working on lately.

So, this document is an extract from a play written by Willy Russell named Educating Rita in 1980. In the extract, the girl, Rita wants to talk to her mentor about the play she wentto see the night before. It was the first time she ever went to a real theater and she first thought it will be boring but in reality, « it wasfantastic » like she said line 19.

The reason why she went to the theater are because she was curious about how it would be like. Indeed, she wanted to discover it like said line 18 « I wanted to find out ». During the play, she was absorbed by the scenery, she was reacting and wanting the characters to understand what was going on « I wanted to shout an’ tell MacBeth, warn him » line 35. After the play, she was only in research of someone with whoshe couldtalk about it and express her feelings about what she discovered. She decides to talk with her tutor because she knew he would understand her feelings « well I just had to tell someone who’d understand » line 42. Indeed, she couldn’t talk about that with her customers or her coworkers because of their life class. Frank doesn’t belong to the same class as her so he had an education.

During the scene, Frank have different reactions. He is surprised when she arrives, and then releaved when he discovers why she is in his office. He encouraged her continue her education « You’ll have to go and see more ». Rita’s behaviour reveals us that she is really curious about what is the theater and she wantedd to have an education and be cultivated, she was determined. She went to the theater to see a play from herself and this shows us that she is open minded to new experiences.


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