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Hi everyone! Recently, we have been talking about the famous saga of books named Harry potter. The first one was published in 1997 and this is the reason why my generation grew up with these characters. It was easy to identify to them. It exists fans that are more “actives” than others. Personally, I satisfy myself by reading the books and watching the movies again and again. Nevertheless, the people who belong to fandoms are more persons that I will consider as fanatics (This is not at all a word use with a pejorative meaning). They can do things like create music bands about the world of Harry and his friends but also realize a game which is supposed to be played on flying brooms (yeah, there are people playing quidditch out the movies, there is also a world cup. Incredible isn’t it?!) The good writers (and even the failing sometimes) are also able to write fan fictions about the characters, changing their personality or even change the future of these fictive people.

That kind of sagas are something I really like because it permit people learn things about the life indeed, it is learning to children things that matters in the life like for example the significance of friendship and transmit values that we should always keep in mind.

Jk Rollings did a really great job writing these books and they still have influence of people and this will I think belong for a while.

I think that is all for today. See you in two weeks!

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