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Hello everyone! So I’ve been absent for a while, but I am back!

Recently, in class we have been talking about a new topic which I thought very interesting! It is about successful careers and how we could consider that someone has got one more successful than an other.

First, we got some famous names that everybody knows like for exemple Gandhi, J.K Rowling, Steven Spielberg or even Madonna.

We have been asking what were the criterions to judge that someone got a better career than another. I think it depends on the people. Today, there are people that thinks that the persons that have successful careers use to won a lot of money but money is not everything. Others thinks that the famous people have successful careers (it is often linked). Nonetheless, to me have a succesful career has nothing to do with being rich. Of course if you are rich it can be easier to realize your dreams but you can also lose your values I think that I will consider myself as having a successful career if I can help the people that surround me, or contribute saving the planet because the environment is one of the better way for people to feel useful to the world around. I wish that I could became an activist in ecology because we had a wonderful planet and we are destroying her. There are two kinds of work that will interest me. This one and saving animals that are dying because of the pollution we are creating in the ocean.

This is what I will consider as a successful job. Anyway, people can have various opinions about it. I think the consideration for any job depend on the education of people and this is why all of us have differents opinions about successful careers


Goodbye guys, see you soon

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