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Hi everyone! Recently, we studied a text which tackle  the problem of indians during the conquest of the west. I will present you the story and the characters.

So, this document is an extract from Lonesome Dove written by Larry McMurty in 1985. The story sets during the conquest of the west near the great canyon and San Antonio. The characters are Call and Augustus and the scene takes place in the desert. They are suffuring of a lack of water and they are afraid that the horses will not survive on this barren place. The two settlers doesn’t know the this place enought to stay. In the first part of the text is tackle the problem of Comanches. This is a tribe of indians who use to slaughter the settlers coming too close from their territory. Our two characters have different points of vue of the situation Indeed, Call is frustrated. He is having a fearless but also brave reaction. On contrary, Augustus is more down to earth, he know that they can not take the risk of loosing their horses or they will have to walk back to San Antonio. He is realistic. in the second part of the text,  the story focus on the settlers families. Call would like the men to fight with them against the indians but Augustus try his best to make him understand that they will not leave their wives. In that text, women are describes as useful only to « do the chores and have kids » and children useful because they are « cheaper than slaves ». This show us that the men are the main characters of the conquest.

To Call, the settlers are too easy to impress and should not leave their cabin as easier. He consider them as cowards because they flee from natives. They should struggle to keep their lands. His behaviour reveals us that he is an involved man in the conquest of the west. He don’t know how it is like to feel fear. This man is strong willed and got the soul of a leader. We could consider him as a man of action.

This text is giving us a vision of the west waterless and sear, it is a dry and hot place. The environment is hostile. Women and children seems to be secondary characters. The indians are describes as killers and kind of savages. Call embody the figure of western movies. He is seen as a hero, a man who will be able to confront every danger to conquest the west, he is fearless and hate weakness.He has not any family attachment, he is a cow boy, a bold man ready to everything for his country.

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