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Hi everyone!! I am back after these two weeks. So, today I am going to focus on the documents we saw during our sequence which was about the segregation and the condition of black people. The last document  was the trailer of a famous movie called « The Help ». This movie came out in 2011. The scene takes place in Jackson, a city of Mississipi, on the south of the united state of America during the 60′s. The main character is Skeeter (Emma Stone) she is a young white woman. She has been graduated on journalism and want to write a book about the condition of the black maids. The two important maids are Aibileen (Viola Davis) and Minny (Octavia Spencer) They are in charge of the houses of the white women. But they also raise their children like if they were their own. The group of white women do not care about their children, Some of them are also racist. They don’t even let the maids use the same toilets as them. Skeeter want to write a book showing to everyone the lack of respect and the injustice these maids are living. Minny and Aibileen testimony and narrate their  stories.

I have already seen the entire movie, and I found it very interesting,  it is showing us an other side of the black condition, but also the fact that every white was not racist and understood that black people were their equals.


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Here is the trailer, to give you a preview of this movie.

So, goodbye guys, see you in two weeks!!


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