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Hi everyone! Today, I’m back and a wish I could talk to you about something we are doing in class this week. It is about events that happens during the 1930. It is about a party called of white people; they are having fun and  above them, there is dead bodies. Indeed, they hace took the right to hang up black people to have fun. This is an horrible act because these men were free persons, they did not done nothing bad and white people hanged them up to show to everyone that they are stronger.

Well, let’s come back to what I wanted to talk about!! After all these events, a song appeared. Indeed, a black woman began to sing « Strange fruits » which is a song made out with a poem. When we first heard it, we understood that this subject moved her. Later, I learned that she felt concerned because her father have been one of the victims of these terrible acts.

In the song, she talked about « Strange fruits » which are in reality the bodies. She is using a lot of violents words to describe the death. There is too metaphors and paradoxes, but the most evident thing in this poem is the fact that she is opposing negatives and positives images in her song like for example « sent of magnolias » and « sudden smell of burning flesh »

Presently, we are studdying a text describing how she degan to sing this song. She first met the author of the poem in a bar were she was working, and she imediatly understood that this was the story of her father.

I will say more things about it in my next post, so be sure to see it!


I’ll just let you the link of the video in case tht you want to see it!!


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