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So, last time I spoke about Andy Warhol (wich I really considerate as a great pop art artist) and today, I will talk about someone else…. Edwar Hopper. We began to study his work today, and I don’t have any word to describe how deep are the paintings.

We watched the trailer of the exhibition of Paris in 2012. The first time, I was speachless. Really! This is so touching to see these characters and to have the feeling that they are just totaly alone. Even when there is more than one person, there is no joy on the paintings. This is a great idea that Hopper had because he show people  the reality and not a lie of joy and happiness. They are full of shadows. Most of the time, the background is a cafe, or a room. Sometimes it can even be a house by the outside.

To continue about Edward Hopper, a little biography seems important. First, we need to know that he was born on july, the 22 of 1982 in the state of New York. Indeed, he was an american paintor and sculptor. He has the custom to make gloomy characters, most of time alone. He got a lot of known paintings. But I will tell you the most famous, just in case you would like to know how his work look like.

First, there is « Nighthawks » which have been painted in 1942 (For me, she is the best) . Then, you can go to look « Chop Suey » finished in 1929, and a last one to make you a good idea of what it is « Automat » two years before.


I think that’s all. Now, I will just give you the link of the video, to make your own point of view. Do not hesitate to post a comment!!


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