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Hi everyone, since the begin of the year, we were working on internet dangers. This topic being over,we began the next which is……….ART WORKS.

During this class, we talked about the differents kind of arts.There are a lots. For exemple, the dance is an art, as well as singing. When smeone first say art, you automatically think about painting, drawing or sculpture. But there is to the architecture, the photography and even the street art. When we saw art, we first thing « Oh that’s ugly » or in contrary « Wooaw, this is so gorgeous!! » but we can ask ourself to, why did the artist done that? And there is a lot of answers, it depend on the person who did it. It can be to express his opinion, or to make people think about something that happens, to denounce, to create feelings or to leave a trace. although, it can also be to taake pleasure on doing something.

We broach some artists like Norman Rockwell or Banksy. but in all the painters we talked about, my favourite was Andy Warhol. I always loved what he have done, and I was particulary happy when we went to the tate modern with the english class, we saw some of his paintings in real!! That was alsome. So, to talk about mister Warhol, he was american, when he dies in 1987, he was 58 years old. He took part of the pop artmotion, but he wasn’t the instigator, indeed, the motion began in England and not in the united state of America.


Well, I think that’s all for today, I will tell you more about it when we deepen this subject. Bye guuys, see you in two weeks.

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