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Hello guys, tonight, I will talk to you about the interne addiction , because people are not really conscious about what is  the net. Indeed, they think they master internet, but in reality,they are masters by it. All of us are addicted to internet  because our generation grew up with it. So, we don’t really know how to live whitout it. This is really bad because we will not have the opportunity to live experiences that our parents and granparents have lived. I wish that when I was a child during the shinny sunday, I have done cycle or a picnic, but I think the last time I did this I was something like eight years old. Then, the sunday I was with my sister on the couch, watching TV or things like that. New technologies is something really bad for us, we are losing important things for when we will be parents. Sometimes, I am asking myself what would I transmit to my child? How to use an Iphone or a mac? This is not not what I want todemise them. For me, this generation is the worst ever. I am really sad to be part of these zombie of technologies. I wish I could change things. Because it is true that there is not only drawbacks on internet, but we are not using it right. We should just use it to search informations for work and curiosity, but we are not. We are watching funny cats videos and inventing unusefull applications for our precious phones.


Well, see you in two weeks, after my travel in London. xoxo

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