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Hi guys, I am back!! So, the holidays are over and we are in school for a last year. I hope you enjoy your summer because now, you have to work!!


Well, for this first article of the year, I can chose my subject!! (Last time ever)

I have absolutly no idea of what I am going to talk about, so I will talk about what we do in class.

This week, our class subject is the love on the internet. It’s a kind of strange thing (In my mind) I’d say this because when you meet someone by the way of internet, this is not natural, I mean, if internet or the social network doesn’t exist, you will not have met this person. So it’s better meet someone, n the street, or at you work I don’t know, but not in this cyberspace wish is not the reality. The other point is the fact that, on the net, you can lie about who you are, an this is really dangerous because old people can come and talk to younger prentending to be someone else. The problem is that a child, or a young person will not know that intenet may be dangerous, and this person will be « trapped » by internet.

I think it is important to be suspicious (Not to much please, excess is not good at all!!) with people we don’t know, and with people we think know to. You don’t have to forget that everything you will post on the net will be save forever, even if you delete it, he will still be somewhere.


Well, this is all for this first post, but don’t worry, I will be back in two weeks. Take care of yourself



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