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Hello everyone! I am sorry, I have been off for a while. Well, during my holidays (Yes, I know a few weeks ago)  I goes visit my big sister in Granada, Spain. This was amazing. I already goes twice with the school, but this one, I goes with my mum and my grandmother. It was really cool to pass time with my sister, she is in Erasmus since the begin of the school year, and I just saw her for christmas. During my travel, we does many things. There is just one thing I regret it’s that I did not goes to the Alhambra because I’ve already been twice. Well, this was a little bad, but I will survive. The last point I wanted to talk about was the apartment of my sister. Indeed, you can not go in Erasmus without live in a roomate. So, obviously, She did it. So, she live with three people. A spanish, Alejandro. An italian gil$rl called Fiameta and a turkish one called Sertaç. The three of them are adorables. My mum said something that we used to say in french. She said that they are like « candy ». This was really funny. She saids that principally because the turkish one make us turkish tea and turkish coffee. This was absolutly delicious, and this is great because I don’t really like tea or coffee. Finally, there is a last point that I want to talk about is something we have done in one of the latest day, we goes in the public park « Federico Garcia Lorca » and my mum gave a yoga class to Fiameta, this was really enjoyable. Well, I think that is all for today. I don’ t know if I will write again before the summer holidays, so if I don’t write again I wish you good holidays right now.

Goodbye guys.


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