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Helloo everyone! I know I’m writting a sunday, what is happening?


Well, I know that the next wednesday I will not have the time to write so I do it now.

I will talk about an amazing thing (For me) In fact, the wednesday past (As many wednesday in this article!) I goes to the theater for the premiere of Divergente 2 (Insurgent) I had already reed the books. So I was such impatient to see how they adapt it at the screen. It was unspeekable, but I was a little disappointed. Indeed, all the things happening in the books and in the movie was incredible. The only problem is that they were not the same things. They totaly change the history and this is so BAD! In the book, some parts was… How to say it? A little boring in my mind. They let them. Contrary, I had really liked the end of the second part. The director totally change it. I was such disgusted at the end! Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying. I had love this movie. They have add funny moments, for not be saying hilarious. Now (In the movie like in the book) Peter (Miles Teller) have an awareness, in contrary to our dear Caleb (Ansel Elgort) But i can’t say more. If you want to know, you will have to go to the theater and find out alle these things. Personnally, I’m sure I will go there again. It was such amazing. I let you decide watchinf the trailer.


Goodbye guys. See you in two weeks. Or may be before, I like to do this. Give my opinion about books and movies is quite enjoying finally.


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