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Hi everyone!

Today, I really want to talk to you about my february holidays. During the five first days, I went to my grandmother house to keep my two cousins aged seven and nine years. It was a pleasure to be with them. They live far away from my house. So I did not saw them during two month I think. After their departure, a good friend come to my house. We go to the theater, and the next day, we goes to her house and it was really funny. A few days later, we come back to Narbonne and we go to the rink with her brother and a friend. It was amazing,  Before I did not skate alone.But, they learnt me how to do and now, I am not really good, but I can do it alone. This was alsome. I did camping. It was a little cold. Then, I come home and review all my lessons for our exam cI don’t know if we can say this in english, but may be white baccalauréat? So I work on this during all the week. I don’t really know what else can I see? It was really good, I’d like these holidays.

I just want to advise you a movie. He is called « Footloose » he came out in 2011, and it’s a movie talking about dance.


Goodbye everyone, See you in two weeks.

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