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Hi again everyone! Yes, It’s been two weeks my last post!

So, today, I want to talk to you about a movie I discover during the holidays. It’s called The spectacular now » and this is just an AMAZING movie. I am sure taht you know the two main characters. One of them is Miles Teller. He is known, but I’m not sure people know his name when they talk about him is rather something like « You know the men playing in… » Well, I am not going to make you wait anymore if you did not know him, he play the fmous Peter in Divergent or he have a role in footloose, and you may have saw him in « The awkward moment » with Zac Efron. If you still don’t know him, I can not do nothing for you. But I can tell you recently he played in whiplash a movie about music. I will see hi during the next holidays, may be I will tell you what I think about it, I don’t know yet. Just a last one thing about me (I know I can’t stop talking about him) He play the famous doctor Reed Richards in the four fantastic. Indeed, they are doing a readaptation of the story, and this will just be AWESOME!

Let’s now talk about the actress playing with our dear Miles. This is not another woman than Shailene Woodley. Is not useful to tell you in what she played? Divergent ebviously, the little tris (The insurgent is out in theater in march, are you impatient? Cause I am!) And, the oher movie is… The fault in our stars. I have not seen him. So, Ispend.


The movie! It’s about Sutter (Miles Teller) an alcoholic adolescent  but  he is to brilliant and very funny! He will change after her meeting with the shy Aimee (Shailene Woodley) ,a total different personn than him.

So, now like everytime I put a post about a movie, I will give you the trailer. But first, the poster.



The link:


I just want to tell you that this movie is right now, really my favorite. he is not like what I like to watch usually but… I don’t know in fact.

And, the eternal sentence please!








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