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Hi everyone, I’m back!

I know, I didn’t publish during a long time, and I’m sorry for this, I was a little busy.

So, today, I will like to talk about a series I discover recently, she is called « The Flash » and she is just awesome! It is evident, otherwise I will not talk about…

I think everybody know what it is about, this is a really known strip cartoon developed by comics. Consequently, there decide to create a series to adapt this cartoon to the television. They began the october 7 of 2014 so it’s rather new and not really known in France. We can only watch it in english whis subtitle for the moment.

Let’s talk about the actors! Personnally, I just know two of them. First, the main character, playing Flash or Barry Allen who is interpret by Grant Gustin you may have saw him in some episodes of Glee. He is really good in this role. Then I jsut known Rick Cosnett, he played in ste season 5 of the vampire diaries, Doctor Wes if I remember correctly.

There it is the teaser of the season 1 . I put it in VOSTFR for a better  understanding.

For the word of the end, I just want to say to my friend Gaelle to watch it, and I hope you will have a nice experience in Australia, and have a lot of fun and take a lot of pictures. (I know you will read this) :*


See you in two weeks everyone

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