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Hi guys, I’m back!

Thus, I’m going to talk to you about a french band that I really like. Their name is « FAUVE » There are five members on the scene and many others people stay behind the curtain like we say. They come to Paris.  Fauve aren’t  really singing. I mean, they talk during the song, but we can think they sing. Most of the time, they just sing during the refrain. When they are singing, I’m just like hipnotized. Theirs songs are expressing every feeling they have in their heart and that is really touching and sometimes a little touching.I think their are more poets than singers but that is permetting to them to express theirself.

I saw them with my sister and my mom this summer in the Cité de Carcassonne. It was ……… I don’t know how to describe it. Their where unspeakable!!

I think, personnally their songs taht I like the most are : Blizzard, Haut les coeurs, 4.000 Iles, Nuit Fauves, Kané, Infirmiere, Lettre a Zoé… I love ALL of them! But that one’s are really my favorites. I always have them on my phone, when I am sad, I listen them. When I am happy, I listen them. I don’t really like french singers, may be one three or four atists, but their really my number one.


FAUVE dans Songs And Singers fauve-604-tt-width-604-height-500-crop-1-bgcolor-000000That’s their … I think we can call that a logo?


Bye guys



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