Summer Holidays

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This summer, I leave in a summer camp with a friend. But this one was a little different because I have been to England. It was like when we leave with school but we weren’t in school. We have slept in families. I was with my friend and we were houses in a really really nice family. They were five. The mother Miranda, the father was called Brian! Their two sons was Robert but we called him “Robbie” and her little brother Oliver or “Oli”. The last one member of the family was Cookie, the dog! We just eat with them the night and we stayed with them all the Sunday. It was during two weeks during the july month. 

During these two weeks, we visited many famous places of London like Piccadilly Circus. Every day, we were living to London. But three days in the travel, we lived a little more faraway. These places were Brighton, Windsor and Cambridge. It was really nice! I prefer Brighton and Cambridge, I don’t really know why but it was amazing to visit that. Brighton is a city next to the sea, and Cambridge Is the place where their turn parts of famous movies like Harry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia. I was really excited when I learnt I will goes to this city.

During this travel, I don’t buy many thinks. I think may be three t-shirts, two waistcoats and some trinket for friends and my family.


10434000_695020593885646_2636675621706458640_nThis is the most  expected moment of these weeks. I took my selfie with Captain America! 

Well, this article is over. So, I see you in two weeks for my next article.

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