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Hi everyone!

Today, I will talk to you about an animation cartoon I “discovered” this summer during my summer camp travel in London. It’s a Walt Disney creation. I think you know it, if you don’t, WATCH IT! It’s called frozen in English. But I watched it in French with a friend.

The story is a princess story, like many Disney movies. But this one is not really like what we have seen before. (Maybe, we can compare it with Raiponce but it’s the only one) In frozen, Elsa has supernatural power. She is special. She can make ice. We don’t really know how, but she does it. The problem with this power is she can’t control it. Elsa don’t know how stop it. And because of that, one day, she heart her sister, Anna. Then, she refused to play with her anymore, she stay in her bed room, and isolate herself.

I don’t really want to explain the entire story. Because, if you read that, I can’t tell the end of the story, or you know it and you will not have the suspense, and I can’t support when people tell me the end of movies, so I won’t do it.

Right! This is my first real article. It’s a little strange!

Thank you all for reading!



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  1. I saw it too and it’s great indeed!

    YourteacherIL 5 octobre 2014 à 11 h 30 min Permalink

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