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Hello! My name is Julie, I live in Narbonne, located in France. I’m fifteen. I was born in October, more precisely the 22nd. I don’t really know what I can say… I have a sister, Pauline, she is twenty two years old. And I have got a cat who is called Bouh, We decided to call her like that because of the little girl in the cartoon “Monsters inc”. I decided to call my blog “Boubouuh” owing to her again.

Small but fat


What else can I say? I really like to swim, I started when I was six years old. And since, I have never stopped it. I danced for severals years, but today, I don’t dance anymore. I have tried diferent styles. I began with modern danse, then flamenco, and hip hop. I think I danced for eight or nine years.

So, hi every one. Welcome to my blog!

See you soon guys.

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