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Hi guys! Today’s post will be  my last! So, I wwill talk to you about a document we have been working on lately. So, this document is an extract from a play written by Willy Russell named Educating Rita in 1980. In the extract, the girl, Rita wants to talk to her mentor about the […]


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  Hi everyone! I’m so sorry to be late this time! I had a few problems with my internet connection. Anyway, I am back!   This week, I will talk to you about a document we did in class recently. It is actually a video which has been made to promote the last olympic games […]


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Hi everyone! Recently, we have been talking about the famous saga of books named Harry potter. The first one was published in 1997 and this is the reason why my generation grew up with these characters. It was easy to identify to them. It exists fans that are more “actives” than others. Personally, I satisfy […]


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Hello everyone! So I’ve been absent for a while, but I am back! Recently, in class we have been talking about a new topic which I thought very interesting! It is about successful careers and how we could consider that someone has got one more successful than an other. First, we got some famous names […]


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Hi everyone! Recently, we studied a text which tackle  the problem of indians during the conquest of the west. I will present you the story and the characters. So, this document is an extract from Lonesome Dove written by Larry McMurty in 1985. The story sets during the conquest of the west near the great canyon […]


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Hi everyone!! I am back after these two weeks. So, today I am going to focus on the documents we saw during our sequence which was about the segregation and the condition of black people. The last document  was the trailer of a famous movie called « The Help ». This movie came out in 2011. The […]


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  Hi everyone! Recently, we worked on protest art. We studied three paintings. They are about slavery and segregation. The first one has been made by William Johnson in 1939. It is about three slaves.They look mixed together with their shovels and pickaxes. They have diformed bodies, and their foots and hands are enormous. The […]


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Hi everyone! Today, I’m back and a wish I could talk to you about something we are doing in class this week. It is about events that happens during the 1930. It is about a party called of white people; they are having fun and  above them, there is dead bodies. Indeed, they hace took […]


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So, last time I spoke about Andy Warhol (wich I really considerate as a great pop art artist) and today, I will talk about someone else…. Edwar Hopper. We began to study his work today, and I don’t have any word to describe how deep are the paintings. We watched the trailer of the exhibition […]


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Hi everyone, since the begin of the year, we were working on internet dangers. This topic being over,we began the next which is……….ART WORKS. During this class, we talked about the differents kind of arts.There are a lots. For exemple, the dance is an art, as well as singing. When smeone first say art, you […]


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Hello guys, tonight, I will talk to you about the interne addiction , because people are not really conscious about what is  the net. Indeed, they think they master internet, but in reality,they are masters by it. All of us are addicted to internet  because our generation grew up with it. So, we don’t really […]


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  Hi guys, I am back!! So, the holidays are over and we are in school for a last year. I hope you enjoy your summer because now, you have to work!!   Well, for this first article of the year, I can chose my subject!! (Last time ever) I have absolutly no idea of […]


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Hello everyone! I am sorry, I have been off for a while. Well, during my holidays (Yes, I know a few weeks ago)  I goes visit my big sister in Granada, Spain. This was amazing. I already goes twice with the school, but this one, I goes with my mum and my grandmother. It was […]


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Hello guys! I am back! Sorry I did not post nothing since something like one month but before the holidays, I went to Madrid with the school, and then to Granada to see my sister wich do Erasmus there. Well, thursday, I goes to see the amazing movie called Avengers age of ultron. What can […]


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  Helloo everyone! I know I’m writting a sunday, what is happening?   Well, I know that the next wednesday I will not have the time to write so I do it now. I will talk about an amazing thing (For me) In fact, the wednesday past (As many wednesday in this article!) I goes […]


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  Hello everyone! Today, I want to talk about an wonderfull movie. This movie is called WIPLASH, this movie talk about a student musician. He is substitude  in the best orchestra of the United State Of America. The orchestra play « Wiplash » and finally, he gets to play in the orchestra. This is an incredible movie. […]


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  Hi everyone! Today, I really want to talk to you about my february holidays. During the five first days, I went to my grandmother house to keep my two cousins aged seven and nine years. It was a pleasure to be with them. They live far away from my house. So I did not […]


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  Hi again everyone! Yes, It’s been two weeks my last post! So, today, I want to talk to you about a movie I discover during the holidays. It’s called The spectacular now » and this is just an AMAZING movie. I am sure taht you know the two main characters. One of them is Miles […]


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  Hi everyone, I’m back! I know, I didn’t publish during a long time, and I’m sorry for this, I was a little busy. So, today, I will like to talk about a series I discover recently, she is called « The Flash » and she is just awesome! It is evident, otherwise I will not talk […]


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Hi everyone, I am back! So, today, I will talk about a book, I read. Divergent! Yes, the book and not the movie. I chose to read it when I came back from London. The majority of my friends told me « Read it! You HAVE to read it! » So, I decide to buy them, just […]


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    Hello everybody, today, I will talk about the movie of my childhood. Bridge to terabithia. I don’t think many people know it, but I’m sure you know the actors. The main character is Jess, played by Josh Hutcherson, the famous « Peeta » in Hunger games. Then, her acolyte Leslie is played by AnnaSophia Robb, […]


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  Hi guys, I’m back! Thus, I’m going to talk to you about a french band that I really like. Their name is « FAUVE » There are five members on the scene and many others people stay behind the curtain like we say. They come to Paris.  Fauve aren’t  really singing. I mean, they talk during the […]


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  Hi everyone! Today, I’m going to talk about a movie I really like. A saw it many times and I still love it. As you have seen, this movie is « Avengers » here, we have an alliance of various heros. There are Captain America (My favorite), Iron man, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor and Black widow. There […]

Summer Holidays

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This summer, I leave in a summer camp with a friend. But this one was a little different because I have been to England. It was like when we leave with school but we weren’t in school. We have slept in families. I was with my friend and we were houses in a really really […]


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  Hi everyone! Today, I will talk to you about an animation cartoon I “discovered” this summer during my summer camp travel in London. It’s a Walt Disney creation. I think you know it, if you don’t, WATCH IT! It’s called frozen in English. But I watched it in French with a friend. The story […]


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  Hello! My name is Julie, I live in Narbonne, located in France. I’m fifteen. I was born in October, more precisely the 22nd. I don’t really know what I can say… I have a sister, Pauline, she is twenty two years old. And I have got a cat who is called Bouh, We decided to […]

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